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Love, From Sydney

A few years ago, I had an  a-ha  moment. It was a funny, frustrating, and  humbling experience. We had THE sweetest yellow lab. Unfortunately, her health took a downward spin when she was around seven and we almost lost her on  Thanksgiving. We learned the next day that she was diabetic. Lets just say I […]

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Take Time to Laugh!

If you’ve ever seen a snow globe once it’s been activated, then you know what Indiana looked like last Sunday. It was beautiful. It was snowing so much that my husband and youngest son couldn’t keep up with it as they attempted to shovel the driveway – two separate times. It was cold, but the […]

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Say Whaaaat?

I absolutely cannot sleep…Had this on my mind from yesterday and thought I would share. I hope I don’t regret it! I was sitting in my car, waiting on the traffic light to change yesterday afternoon.  I decided to check a text message I had sent to my son (Travis) a few minutes before –  […]

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