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Safe and Secure When You’re in His Will

We recently moved to sunny Florida. That’s normal for people our age (mid 50’s), but it wasn’t a choice. Long story how we ended up here — I’ll save that for another time. The transition has been a challenge for me. It was difficult leaving all of my friends, my home, my neighbors, family, and […]

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The Rubber Band Lesson

As a child, I would spend days upon days listening to my parents yell at each other. My mom’s words were often slurred because she would begin drinking first thing in the morning. I didn’t know why – I was only a child and never thought to ask. One night I just couldn’t take it […]

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The Smile File

My husband absolutely loves the fact that I teach preschool.  I think he would admit that it’s because he  loves hearing all the stories that I share with him. Most of them are funny – some are even HILArious, but there’s been a few times when a story was simply about something that touched my heart. […]

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