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Are you eating that second sandwich?

“Before you ask for healing, make sure you are willing to give up what made you sick.” @RealTalkKim When I was a freshman in high school, I became obsessed with my weight. All of my friends had a gymnast’s build, and there I was – everything but that. Looking back, I really didn’t look that […]

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I Lied — I’m Lying. Why? Why Not.

I remember the day when I believed ……almost anything. I trusted so many people. I was…..SO gullible. I was that girl who always looked for the best in others. Never understood why others would be so quick to judge. All of that changed when experience painted a different picture. After teaching children for several years, […]

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What Happens When You Believe the Lie

One of my favorite memories from when I taught preschool. Two years ago…. Last week, we were talking to our three-year old students at preschool about Adam and Eve. We discussed the fact that God had a rule that Adam and Eve couldn’t eat fruit from the tree of knowledge. Next, we talked about different […]

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