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The Truth about Truth

There’s something powerful about the truth. I find it ironic that we all demand it –  and yet we often turn our backs to it or find ourselves r u n n i n g   from it. No doubt about it – truth changes things. It changed me. So if truth is such a good thing, […]

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Truth Is Not a Feeling

I can’t believe how bad the flu is this year. After listening to the news and seeing numerous posts on Fb from friends about how horrible they are feeling because of a horrible cough, the fever, and  the feeling that they’re going to die – makes me want to stay home until it’s all over. […]

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I Lied — I’m Lying. Why? Why Not.

I remember the day when I believed ……almost anything. I trusted so many people. I was…..SO gullible. I was that girl who always looked for the best in others. Never understood why others would be so quick to judge. All of that changed when experience painted a different picture. After teaching children for several years, […]

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