Hope for Tomorrow

I don’t normally write this soon after posting something here. However, what I shared yesterday is heavy on my mind. This is what I’m thinking about every day. I need to learn how to achieve my goal that was shared in my last paragraph. But how? You don’t see memes, books, or studies that talk […]

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Goals of a Grandmother

Do you ever have something spark a memory and you don’t want to stop thinking about it? It’s like a wonderful memory that was almost forgotten, but for some odd reason you were reunited with it. Here’s mine….I remember the days when I would watch my mom apply makeup, do her hair, and then stand […]

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When You Lose the Wh…….. y

What helps you to understand  your purpose – moments that make you realize why you are here? Compliments on a job well done Being noticed Completing a list Starting a list  Change Being put in charge Being told that you’re needed Being told you’re loved When you’re encouraged to do something – like writing a […]

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