Check It Out

How do you handle people who are rude? I grocery shopped on a Saturday morning. My first mistake. The cashier wasn’t finished scanning my groceries when the employee who was bagging my items said, “You can go ahead and put your card in the chip reader.” I asked, “Before she’s finished scanning my items?” “Yes, […]

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Just My 2 Cents Worth

Friends, how do you handle people who obviously don’t have the ability to sympathize and/or emphasize with others? If your answer is that you’ve never had to deal with someone like that, then maybe you’re one of those people. Just a guess. This is coming from a woman’s perspective, so if you’re a man – listen […]

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Is Your Life – Upside Down?

Started to pour some cereal into a bowl, and realized that I had opened the box up on the wrong end.  Too late. There it was right in front of me…. Life –  upside down. Made me think of a story a minister shared last Sunday.  His sermon was about marriage. He talked about a […]

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