True Love

Went to see my brother this morning. The drive there was actually longer than our visit. Have to admit that I questioned if it was worth it, but it seemed to be the only time we could fit it in.  He was in desperate need of some groceries, so rather than mailing him money, I decided […]

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It’s Not About the Bell…

Do you have that ONE thing that you really, really dread doing? Mine is checking emails. I admit that I rarely check them anymore because of all the advertisements that we are bombarded with. Well, during break, I finally broke down and checked the inbox – and I was so grateful that I had. There […]

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Thankful for Healing

Went to visit my brother today. Our day wasn’t your typical Thanksgiving get-together, but it was a true blessing in many ways. Guess that’s all that matters.  Rather than cooking all morning and trying to figure out how to keep everything in one piece after an hour-long drive,  we decided to celebrate Thanksgiving at Applebee’s – […]

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