Don’t Worry About Tomorrow – He’s Got It.

Yesterday – late afternoon, I drove to a nearby town to run a couple errands. My first stop took longer than I anticipated, and I still needed to go grocery shopping. I pulled into the parking lot of Meijer, and just sat there with the car running. I was sick Thursday and Friday, and I […]

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Got faith? Prove it.

I filled out an application to serve as a junior church teacher last year, and along with the application I had to submit my testimony. I was a bit nervous because I had never actually put it all together – and certainly not on paper. It was quite the challenge. It made me think – how […]

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What’s the Message?

Don’t you just hate it when you have just enough information about something, that it makes your thoughts AND emotions go wild and crazy?! Just happened to check to see if we had any voicemail messages on our phone the other night, and was SHOCKED  to see that we did.  Like –  NO ONE calls […]

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