What I found out in the ER

If you have ever experienced a heart attack, or at least had similar symptoms – then you know how scary it feels. I recently made my first visit to the ER in Florida. When my husband walked in after doing a 5 mile run, I told him I needed to go. The ER: Naturally, they didn’t […]

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Lesson No. 1

I moved to the beautiful state of Florida  last June. Everyone here kept apologizing for the heat and humidity. They told us to just wait, because beginning in November it was going to cool down and that we would LOVE the weather here.  And they were right. As I was walking today, January 13, 2017, […]

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Don’t be Fooled

Recently heard a story about a family that is basically falling apart. No,  more like being ripped apart.  I know…I know…this could be YOUR family, but in this case – it’s not.  FYI – It doesn’t involve any of my friends.  It broke my heart as I sat and listened to how it all began […]

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