Are you a control freak?

I had the worst day a couple days ago. It involved one frustrating thing after another. I was scheduled to have a heart scan to see if I have the beginning of a blockage. This was scheduled TWO months ago. That’s how backed up our hospitals are. My husband volunteered to go with me, even […]

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How’s your heart?

I had to see a cardiologist last week. What prompted this appointment was high blood pressure and the results from an EKG. A PA put me on a new Rx a few weeks ago that seemed to take care of my bp, however, my EKG indicated I needed further testing. I had a stress test, […]

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What Happens When We Ignore the Pain

I received such a sad message this week that one of my son’s friends died at his workplace. I couldn’t believe it – he was only 34 years young. As of today, the cause isn’t known. Tonight was the viewing, and as soon as I saw his mom we embraced. I sensed that she was […]

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