There Will Be a Day

    Imagine you are in your car – on your way to a relative’s house for Christmas. As you drive away from your home, you let out a long sigh as you think about everything you had to do before you left. You  had to get someone to watch your pets. Naturally, it wasn’t […]

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Take One Step at a Time

Recently went to a viewing for an acquaintance we had known for many years. As I shook hands and hugged family members, I noticed out of the corner of my eye that his elderly parents were sitting in the first pew – looking at us as we headed their way.  It was only for a […]

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Unforgettable – That’s What You Are

Have you ever experienced a moment that you KNOW you’ll never forget? This is mine… This time last year, I was Christmas shopping in a mall that was packed with people. Although I was a bit frazzled, I tried to stay focused and moved forward through so many people who were either standing, talking, looking and walking in so many different directions. […]

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