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To those of you who don’t me, I recently retired. This fact will make the following make more sense. I’ve recently made it a priority to read. I’ve never been an avid reader — mainly because my mind tends to drift off to ALL those things I should be doing instead of sitting still — […]

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What’s Next?

Retirement. It’s one of those things you look forward to in many ways – especially those days when you are crazy busy with life topped off with having to deal with difficult coworkers, customers, patients, or the general public every day. Yes, that’s when you think that you can’t WAIT for the day when you […]

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My favorite class in college was a photography class. I only took one, and how I wish I had taken more. Back then, we didn’t have the opportunity to preview the photos we took before they were developed/printed. One of the frustrating steps in the process was removing the film from the camera in the […]

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