A New Life

In this time of uncertainty, I long for God’s presence more than ever. What seemed so real and dependable, you know – those things that filled our time up with memories, are now suddenly gone. Vanished into thin air. So now we experience the emptiness of life and we grieve the loss of our normal. […]

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Looking forward to next season

{Before you read the following, please know it was all inspired from a good friend’s post on FB. He didn’t talk about sports, however, he focused on the following scripture and how what we are going through won’t last forever. I would never want to take credit for something that isn’t totally mine. Thank you, […]

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Where Does Your Peace Come From?

Several years ago, we went on our first mission trip. The place was Costa Rica. It was a life-changing experience; however, I remember telling my husband during that week that I wasn’t cut out for this. I remember being so relieved when we got home. I had learned to appreciate what I took for granted. […]

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