My First Love

Many years ago, when I was in elementary school, I noticed someone was interested in me. I know this sounds young, but it’s true. He didn’t tell me directly, however, he sent a message of interest through other people. He became my secret close friend. He was someone I could pour my heart into without […]

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Best Friend

    What catches your eye? A particular story or a pic? Name it. Anything that has to do with a dog seems to grab mine. Instantly. I’ve always loved dogs, and I’ve always had a hard time understanding how some people don’t. When I saw these paw prints of a dog and footprints of a […]

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Do you Love me?

Have you ever been so exhausted because of a challenge – to the point that you just wanted to throw your hands up and say, “OK! I GIVE UP?!” I’ve had several challenges lately that have really taken the wind out of my sail, but this afternoon – something really got my attention. When I […]

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